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Professor John Frink:
'He'll Make You Laugh, He'll Make You Think.'

"Well, to be honest, the ray only has evil applications... you know, my wife will be happy. She's hated this whole death ray thing from day one."- Prof. Frink

Professor Frink: scientist, inventor, all round genius and nerdiest human being alive.

Professor John Frink is a minor Simpsons character who was introduced in the episode in which Grampa Simpson decides to give away a large legacy to a worthy person. Frink attmpts to win the money as a grant to develop a deadly heat ray, which is currently only a slightly warm ray. Grampa, deciding with uncharacteristic good nature that a death ray would not benefit mankind, refuses Frink the grant, leading to Frink delivering the above quote.

Over the years, Prof. Frink has been risen in stature to become the most important mad scientist in Springfield, and in a town which includes such luminary deranged geniuses as Monty Burns and Dr. Colossus, this is no small feat. Frink was married, although his wife has never been seen. Since Frink crashed the remote control airplane in which their baby son was flying, it is not unreasonable to assume that she left him.

Other than that we know little about his personal life. We do know a little about his academic career, though. He holds "an advanced degree in hyperbolic topology", and used to be a professor of computer science at the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology in the 70s. During his tenure there he predicted that in a century "...computers will be twice as powerful, ten thousand times larger and only the five richest kings in Europe will be able to afford them."

Since he (understandably) no longer holds that position, he now seems to work sometimes as a sort of "hired gun" when someone in Springfield needs a scientist, pronto. Sometimes, he also works at his lab, on a vast variety of random science projects.

The most successful of his inventions seems to have been the flying rocket cycle. Or at leat that's his only invention which a) demonstrably works and b) didn't explode, attack someone, or otherwise cause harm to innocent bystanders. Frink's robot teddy-bear, automatic dancing shoes, anti-comet missile and burglar-proof house (to name a few) were not so well thought out.

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