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Brave New Wold Characters

The following are the thirty confirmed representatives to Doc's summit. Those marked with an asterix require a fair degree of character knowledge on the part of the player.

The Batman- A masked adventurer, the Batman has fought crime in Chicago from 1939 to present. Dr. Dwayne "Smooth Dr. D" Luthor-Shaft:- Inventor and CEO of LexCorp, America’s largest high-tech hardware/robotics/defence industries combine.
Col. Ursula Dimitrievna Bond- Agent of the KGB, Miss Bond will be representing the Soviet Government. Lt. Col. Andrew Blodget "Monk" Mayfair- Chemist and adventurer, Monk is an associate of Doc Savage, and winner of the 1947 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
Brig. Gen. Theodore Marley "Ham" Brooks- Lawyer and adventurer, Ham is an associate of Doc Savage and winner of the 1953 Nobel Peace Prize. The Monster- The creation of Herr Frankenstein is head of the Monster Society of Evil, the most powerful organization of 'Super Villains' in the world.
Maj. Wendy "Prima" Chan- Former USAF fighter pilot, martial artist and folk hero, Maj. Chan is leader of the Challengers of the Unknown. Mr. Fox "Spooky" Mulder- Former FBI agent responsible for the unmasking of the “Secret Invasion” conspiracy within the US government. Mr. Mulder is one of the Challengers of the Unknown.
The Doctor- Scientific advisor to the British division of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce during their most challenging period (1969-1975). The Doctor will be representing U.N.I.T. at the conference.* Mr. Harry Potter- British mystic, Mr. Potter is one of the Challengers of the Unknown.*
Sir John "Korak" Drummond- Explorer, soldier and diplomat, Korak is the adopted son of Tarzan, and will be representing the Pan African Community Air Force at this conference. Senator Steve Rogers- The former “Captain America”, Rogers is Chairman of the American Senate’s Select Committee for Defence.
Mr. Scott Evil- Acting head of the “Dr. Evil Experience”, Scott controls the third largest private army in the world, in addition to the only space-worthy passenger vehicles in the western hemisphere. Ms. Willow Rosenberg- A witch and associate of Buffy Summers.*
Lady Fa Loh Suee- The “Lady of the Si Fan” is daughter and heir of Fu Manchu, and is virtual ruler of China. Dr. Clarke Savage, Jn.- Scientist, athlete, explorer and adventurer. ‘Doc’, as he likes to be called, is the world’s only three time Nobel Prizewinner (Physics 1932, Medicine 1946, Peace 1953).
Mr. Derek Flint- Spy, scientist, artist and lover; Flint represents the Zonal Organisation World Intelligence (Z.O.W.I.E.) Dr. Dana "Brains" Scully- Former FBI agent responsible for the unmasking of the “Secret Invasion” conspiracy within the US government. Dr. Scully is one of the Challengers of the Unknown.
The Duchess of Greystoke- Explorer, linguist and archaeologist, Jane Porter Clayton is Dean of Arts at the University of Nairobi. The Shadow- The mysterious crime fighter known as the Shadow has been the bane of the New York City underworld since the 1930s. The NYPD has issued repeated denials of his existence.
The Duke of Greystoke- Explorer, soldier and linguist, Tarzan is one of the greatest heroes of all time. Spike (aka William the Bloody)- A hundred-odd year old vampire, Spike is representing the global society of vampires known as the Camarilla.*
Grand Admiral Leopold Haddoque- Astronaut and adventurer, Admiral Haddoque was the first man on Venus, and is head of European Space Navy. The Spirit- A former JSA member, the Spirit has been fighting crime in St. Louis since the 1940s. Today he is best remembered for the capture of Lee Harvey Oswald’s superior, Sand Serif.
Hymie the Robot- The android creation of Dr. Ratton, Hymie was a long time agent of Control. He is currently acting head of the CIA. Mr. Patrick Steed- Agent of The Ministry, Mr. Steed will be representing the Commonwealth of Nations.
Ibn al-Ghul- Son of R’as al Ghul and co-leader of R’as’ League of Assassins, arguably the largest and most powerful private army in the world. Ibn represents the League at this meeting. Ms. Buffy Summers- Californian university student, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is heir to an ancient power which is used to fight supernatural evil.*
Leela of the Sevateem- No biographical material available. Leela will be assisting the Doctor.* The Phantom (Miss Hatari Walker)- Latest in a long line of African heroes and first woman to hold the title. Miss Walker will be representing the Pan African Community Security Division at the conference.
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