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Falkensteinian Technology

The excellent Steam Age sourcebook contains a tremendous amount of valuable information concerning Falkensteinian technology, and it is not my intention to reproduce any of it here. Rather, my intention is to add to that body of knowledge with links to sites concerning actual nineteenth century technology, and biographies of the inventors and engineers of the time. Some of these inventors lived rather different lives in the Falkenstein world to our one, but I include their biographies anyway for the interested student.

General Technology

Coal Gas
Nothing says "Nineteenth Century" quite like gaslight. But what was coal gas, how was it manufactured and how was it distributed?
The Gas Museum in Leicester is a good place to start looking.
The Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers has nice historical overview, as well as links to other sites.
Computers and Adding Machines
Steam Engines
Transport Technology
Airships and Balloons
Cabs, Coaches and Carts
Sailing Ships
Steam Ships
Military Technology
Infernal Devices
Naval Vessels

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