Auld Cap'n Ben Presents

Yet More RPG Crap on the Web

Ah, the internet! The place where you can search forever to find something worthwhile and never find it, but there's at least a gazillion pages devoted to Star Trek and Role Playing Games. The Internet? full of nerds? Never!

Well, for what it's worth, here's another one. It will pretty much just be for old modules I've written, rather than the traditional "bizarre rant" form of many RPG pages. There may also be some background stuff on a game world I'm working on based on Philip Jose Farmer's concept of the Wold Newton family, and a lot of stuff on Castle Falkenstein, one of my favorite game settings.

To begin with, here a game I wrote for Sycon '01. I wasn't able to be there to run it, but I'm told it was well received. It was writen with the Wold Newton background in mind, but works well enough without any prior knowledge.

The Quiet Invasion
"One might have thought that England was a land of Peace in 1920. The Great War and all it's Horrors had passed, Petersen's Revolution had been nipped in the bud by the gallant Captain Drummond, and I had retired from MI5. It was in the Autumn of that year, however, that I was to stand one last time between England and her Foes. I thank Providence that I was not alone; there were a handful of other weary veterans to assist in my endeavours - Captains Drummond and Bigglesworth, a fellow by the name of Tolkien, who was some sort of academic, and my American friend Jones, who was taking some time off from his archaeological studies in England."
- from the Memoirs of Wilhelmina Quatermain
(nee Harker, nee Murray)

To download this 4-6 player tabletop game, click here for zipped rich text version.

Here's the background information on Brave New Wold, a Wold Newton based freeform (LARP, to Americans) for 30 players, which I ran at Necronomicon '01, in Sydney. I will be adding additional WN background information here from time to time. But not now, 'cause I'm lazy.

Castle Falkenstein, a game of high adventure set in an alternate version of the nineteenth century. Humbly presnted here are what I hope might be helpful material for someone running this splendid game.

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