Avast Me Maties!

It Be Auld Cap'n Ben's Home Page

While most gentle souls are content to quietly surf the Internet, a few bold adventurers prefer to sail twenty-gun net-galleons, blind drunk on Jamaica rum, killing the weak and stealing the wealth of the web.

Which is promptly buried.

So join yer auld mate Cap'n Ben on a voyage of discovery, learning, piracy, pillage, murder, torture and arson!

Or, you know, just do whatever.

So far, my site consists of
The Mad Scientists Page
The RPG Page
If you've ever wanted to read "War and Peace" but thought it might take too long, check out my abridged version here.
And if you saw Titanic, but want to know the REAL story, click here.
Eventually, this page will also include
The Piracy Page
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Last updated on the 19h of November, 2002