Scientician BGH-7262 Presents
Great Mad Scientists of History
From the Dawn of Time, Man has yearned to laugh at the Laws of Nature and spit in the Face of God!
This site is dedicated to those brave souls who have lived that dream. The Scientists you will find on this page are not grey little souls like their lamentably sane bretheren, carefully and methodically pushing forwards the frontiers of Knowledge. They are buccaneers, grasping the throat of the Universe and forcing it at cutlass point to reveal it's secrets; sugeons slicing into the body of Ignorance to reveal the beating heart of Truth!
From charnel-golems to time machines; from rocket-cycles to giant kittens; from evil supercomputers to hand-held death rays, these brave lads have been making Science with a capital S, and damn'd be he that first cries 'hold! enough!'
This site is only partly complete, but when finished it will contain info on
Brainiac 5
Professor Challenger
Professor Calculus
Professor Farnsworth
Victor Frankenstein
The House of Frankenstein
Prof. Frink
Graeme Garden
Mr. Griffin
Stewie Griffin
Hyram K. "Brains" Hackenbacker
Norman Hartnell (no, the other Norman Hartell)
Doctor Isley
Doctor Jekyll
Ted Kord
Captain Nemo
Lex Luthor
The Master
Doctor Moreau
Jack B. Quick
Doc Savage
Doctor Sivana
Doctor Who
and more
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