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UNIT document 283687/l/201

Known invasions of Earth from outer space, other dimensions, etc. Those invasions in which UNIT played a direct part in the defense are marked with an asterisk For complete list of suspected/unconfirmed invasions, request document 283687/l/201a.

England, 1787. Earth invaded by natives of a planet of Sirius. Invasion foiled by original League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It has been hypothesised that the Sirian Invasion was not a takeover attempt, but an attempt to avenge an insult to the Sirian Royal Family perpetrated by Baron Munchausen.

USA, 1872. An attack by creatures supposedly from Pluto prevented by two agents of the US Secret Service in the Wyoming Territory.

England, 1900. Martian incursion, put down by third LoEG.

Brazil, 1912. Trans dimensional/temporal invasion by technologically advanced saurians. Defeated by Prof Challenger, Lord Roxton, et al.

England, 1920. "Cottingsley Incursion." Earth invaded by inhabitants of extra-dimensional "faery realm." Dimensional rift closed by Murray, Biggles, et al.

Antarctica, 1930. Evidence is discovered of an advanced ancient city of alien origin in the Antarctic. Some alien life forms are meticulously described by surviving expedition scientists, but later expeditions find no trace of the city.

Earth 1935. Earth threatened by "rogue planet", poss. Mongo. Threat subsides, following Prof Zharkov, Flash Gordon & Dale Arden's supposed rocket flight to planet.

USA, 1939. Combined Martian/ Mongo invasion at Grover's Mill, NJ. Defeated by Band of Brothers, albeit with heavy casualties.

USA, 1940. Lone annelidoid, "Mr. Mind" arrives on Earth, allegedly from Venus. His (it's?) current whereabouts are unknown. European surveys have discovered no sign of other sapient worms.

USA, 1947. A lone Romulan scout ship crashes outside of Roswell, NM. There are no survivors.

Arctic Circle, 1951. A humanoid alien terrorizes an American research station.

USA, 1956. A number of alien plant spores take root in a field outside of Santa Mira, California. These sprout into plants bearing large pods. The pods grow into replicas of nearby sleeping humans, complete with the memories of the original. Most of these plant creatures are destroyed by US government forces, but a small cadre of them manage to infiltrate the US intelligence community. The so-called “Silent Invasion” remains undiscovered until the 1990s. Connections between the pod-people and Mr. Mind have been suggested, but never proven.

Britain, 1957. An “unexploded bomb” discovered during excavation for a building in Hobb’s Lane, London, is discovered to be an alien spacecraft, approx. five million years old. Psychoactive properties of the ships hull are accidentally activated, leading to widespread rioting in the city. The situation is saved by Prof. Quatermass and Dr. Roney, at the cost of Roney’s life.

USA, 1958. A giant amoeboid blob of apparently extra-terrestrial origin terrorizes the Pennsylvania town of Phoenixville.

Britain, 1963. London attacked by extra-terrestrial cybermorphs known as Daleks

USA, 1963. Coluan robot Brainiac arrives on Earth. He is presumed to have been destroyed by Supergirl in 1975.

USA, 1964. Invasion from a planet tentatively identified as Appelax is defeated by the nascent Justice League.

Peru 1966. A full scale Romulan invasion is narrowly averted by the JLA and two unidentified agents of British Intelligence.

Britain, 1968. Robot “yeti”, under the control of the “Great Intelligence” attempt to take over London. Some theorists have tentatively identified the Great Intelligence as Nyarlathotep, an alien god.

Japan, 1968. The Kilaaks take control of the giant creatures imprisoned on Monster Island. They are defeated by the Japanese military and the monsters themselves.

*Britain, 1969. Alien “Cybermen” make a beachhead in an attempt to conquer Earth. This represents UNIT’s first official call to action.

*Britain 1970. Plastic “Autons” controlled by Nestine Consciousness attempt to take control of Earth. Some theorists have tentatively identified the Nestines with Yog-Sothoth, an alien god.

*Britain, 1971. The Master, an extra-terrestrial humanoid, possessed of a malignant genius and an ability with hypnosis, allies himself with the Nestines during their second attempt to conquer the Earth.

*Britain, 1971. Axos, a xenomorph with space travel capability attempts to drain the world’s energy, with help of the Master.

*Britain, 1972. UNIT’s British headquarters come briefly under attack by anti-matter creatures.

*Britain, 1975. The alien Zygons attempt to destroy an international conference with the assistance of the Loch Ness Monster.

*Antarctica/Britain, 1976. An alien seed-pod germinates, growing into a giant monster.

Britain, 1982. Cereans attempt to use the London borough of Brentford as a base for an invasion.

Antarctica, 1982. An alien entity with takes over a US research base, killing all inhabitants. The area was promptly carpet bombed by the USAF.

USA, 1984. The small town of Kingston Falls is attacked by “gremlins” of assumed extra-terrestrial/ extra-dimensional origin. A supposed 1990 attack by similar creatures on a NYC office building is believed to have been a hoax.

*Britain, 1985. Cybermen attempt to drain all power from world. Their attempt is fatally flawed, and their attempt kills them.

*Britain, 1989. Morgana le Fey leads a second invasion of Earth from the “faery realm”

USA, 1998. Teachers in an Ohio school are assimilated into an alien hive-mind. They are freed when some students kill the alien queen.

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