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This has just been started; eventually I hope it will become a fairly large and comprehensive site dedicated to the Castle Falkenstein world. I hope to include information on geopolitics, on interesting characters whose stats were not included in any of the Falkenstein books, and on possible alternate Falkenstein worlds.

For those who don't know, Castle Falkenstein is a game based in an alternate version of the nineteenth century. Though similar in many respects to our own world at that time, Castle Falkenstein also includes magic, fairies and surprisingly advanced steam-powered technologies.

Perhaps the best thing about the game it the sheer diversity of gaming options it offeres. The players can eat cucumber sandwiches at Lady Windemere's tea party, or have sabre duels with Rupert von Hentzau; they can can chase devil dogs across the Grimpen Mire with Sherlock Holmes or gravely discuss matters of state with Benjamin Disraeli; they can shoot it out with Doc Holliday in Tombstone or sail the seas with Captain Nemo.

At the moment, there's not a lot of content here, but soon I hope to have info on these topics.

For information on the Great Powers, kindly click here

HIM Queen Victoria

For information on smaller independent nations, please be so good as to click here

King Kalakaua of Hawai'i

Information on various colonies and dominions will be here

Rudyard Kipling
Information on 19th Century science will be here

Charles Darwin
Information on Falkensteinian technology will be here

Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin

Information on Falkensteinian geography may be expediously obtained by clicking here

Dr. David Livingstone
Information on Falkensteinian magic will be here

H. P. Blavatsky
Information on Falkensteinian heroes will be here

Sherlock Holmes
Information on Falkenstein villains will be here

Prof. James Moriarty

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